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Splawn belting Inc

Splawn Belting combines over 100 years of belting experience with current belting solutions for the recycling industry.

The recycling belts you see here are just a small portion of the belts we stock for the metal recycling industry. From Eddy Current Separators to Sensor Sorting technology, we have been a leader in providing belts for your downstream recycling needs. Please feel free to call us at 336.227.4277 for any recycling belt you need.The perfect belt for your recycling equipment is easy to find and simple to order. 

Metal Recycling belts

Online shopping has become commonplace. We have designed a simple and easy to use website to buy the replacement belts you need.  In stock, ready to deliver, and priced to get your attention.  Give this belt a try and see for yourself that even though the price has been lowered, the quality and durability remain high.